Apply a concrete effect coating

Apply a concrete effect coating

Decorate your interior in the spirit of a contemporary loft, putting concrete in the spotlight! Clean and sober, this material gives an industrial style very fashionable on walls or floors. Simple to apply, the concrete effect coating is also easy to live with: it peels off like wallpaper. Handy if you like to change your decor frequently!

Apply a concrete effect coating: preparation of the wall

Start by applying a special concrete coating undercoat on the surface you want to work with, which you have previously dusted and then washed. Let the wall dry for 48 hours.

Preparation of concrete plaster

Mix the water, half the quantity of concrete and the dye in the tank, following the instructions given by the manufacturer to the letter. Use a paint mixer for a drill to stir the mixture and homogenize it. The color will be much more uniform with this type of device than if you mix by hand. Then pour the other half of the concrete and mix again. Let the preparation sit for about fifteen minutes, this prevents the formation of lumps.

Application of concrete plaster

Then proceed to the application of the concrete coating. Take a trowel and start spreading the plaster from the top of the wall. Apply the product in strips of one meter, without pressing too hard. Even out the surface by smoothing with a spatula. Let it dry for 48 hours.

Clean with a slightly damp sponge starting at the bottom of the wall, then allow to dry.

Finally, apply a protective wax using a spalter, always starting from the bottom.